FFR Throttle Pedal

FFR Throttle Pedal

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The throttle pedal is designed to clamp to the 3/4 frame using 5/16 set screws allowing for easy adjustment. No drilling required. Made from 6061 millied aluminum, comes with stainless steel mounting hardware and clips for attaching both the EFI and Lokar throttle cables. Be sure to specify whether you want the MK3 or MK2 version.

MK3FTP MK3/MK4 FFR Throttle Pedal $79,
Shipping $10.50

MK3CBC MK3 Matching Clutch and
Brake Pedal Covers $15/pair

MK2FTP MK2 FFR Throttle Pedal $79,
Shipping $8.75

MK2CBC MK2 Matching Clutch and
Brake Pedal Covers $15/pair

plus local CA sales tax for CA residents

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