I'll be using this page to post the news from the last week regarding my progress. For earlier information refer to the Journal page.

Wow, ....Has it already been 2 months since the last update? What happened?

Well there have been a few new developments that I can talk about. All of the wheels finally showed up and I took them down to have the tires mounted as soon as they did. I really like the way they look and I hope they are gonna fit just the way I anticipated. Here are a couple of pic's with the wheels on:

Needless to say the first thing I did once I got the wheels on, was take it for the first "go-cart" ride. This picture should give you some idea of how much fun that was:


I wish I could have gotten that first trip around the neighborhood on video. It was pretty amusing to see all of the people running out of their garage to see what was coming down the street. Some people even stopped their cars in the middle of the road to watch us drive by. Imagine seeing a bare chassis driving down the street with no knowledge of these cars. I'll bet some people were absolutely puzzled by the looks on their face. The funiest part is that they were all smiling and waiving at us. I'm still grinning. This car is pretty darn loud too, so I guess we could be heard everywhere in the neighborhood.

My neighbors are gonna love me................NOT!!!

First Drive Observations:

1) Sounds like the motor has a small miss. However, I still havent set the timing and the e-cam is pretty cool.

2) Only one leak coming from the Oil filter bypass on the block for the relocator. Looks like I just need to put some teflon tape on one of the plugs.

3) Man this thing is fast!!!!!! Hopefully it will feel that way for a long time.

4) Russ Thompson's accelerator Pedal feels absolutely awesome. I would definitely recommend this thing to everyone. It takes the guess work out of the whole acelerator pedal cuting and location.

5) Brakes - The jury is still out on this one. I wasn't able to take the car out to a place where I could really get up to speed and test the brakes. I'll have to do that before the body comes back from the painter's so I can determine whether or not to go with the power brakes. If I do go power, I will use the stock vaccuum setup with a small frame mod for fitment.

6) The kids in the neighborhood loved my little burn out. It was just a quick little throttle blip, but it lit the tires up pretty good and the kids loved the smoke as it wrapped around the tires. heheheheee

6b) My wife hated my little burnout! She said she could hear the car from blocks away and I think she's a little worried about what the neighbors will say. Smoke runs in the street will only agrivate the problem according to her. I say screw 'em, but I'll be sure to make those pretty stripes in the street somewhere else.

7) Man those pipes get hot when their not coated. You can see in the pictures how blue they got. Nobody burned themselves but you could really feel the heat coming off when you got close.

8) Make sure you bolt those seats in before you really punch it. Mine were just sitting in there for the first run, and when it slid back to the frame it was a little scary.

Well Matt M. is gonna come over to help set the timing tonight and I'm sure I'll have to test drive it again. ;^) I'll post more later.

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